The Sweet Smells of Childhood- Creating Scent Memories

“…you will spontaneously be in their thoughts when they smell a certain smell, and you can know that you helped create for them, a relaxed and soothing future.”

Theresa Thomas

I was sitting on the wooden backyard swing the other evening, watching the sun slowly go down. My 21 year old daughter, home from college for the summer, slipped beside me.

“Hi, Mom.”

“Hey! I didn’t see you.” I happily scooted over to make room for her on the slats. We sat closely together and quietly enjoyed the scenery and talked. As the temperature dipped I noticed she seemed chilly so I took off the scarf from my shoulders and wrapped it around her. Before even a few minutes had passed she seemed bothered.

“Mom, did you change your perfume? Is this Chanel?”

She sniffed the scarf and then me.

“This is my alternate scent,” I told her, “I haven’t switched. I just like to alternate occasionally.

“But it doesn’t smell like you,” she countered, “I hate to sound like a baby but where’s my mama?”

She laughed.

And took…