Matthew joined the Family Lives On “Tradition Program” after his mom died of cancer when he was 4. Birthdays and Christmas were very special to Matthew’s mom – she always enjoyed baking for her family. During her final stage in hospice care, Matthew and his mother decided together that his tradition would be to bake cookies and/or cupcakes to celebrate her birthday and honor her memory. Now, each year, Matthew and his dad bake and decorate either cookies or cupcakes in celebration of mom. Matthew chooses a different theme to make it more fun!

For the 2018 National Junior Honor Society project at Oyster Bay High School, the members have decided to create awareness and raise money to support the Tradition Program for children and teens who have experienced the profound loss of the death of a parent. Through school activities, morning announcements and by sharing the Family Lives On website, they will educate fellow students, their parents and teachers at Oyster Bay High School about the need for childhood grief intervention.

If you would like to make a donation to the Tradition Program in support of the Oyster Bay National Junior Honor Society campaign, please use the link below.  Thank you!