Missing Dad

I was 7 years old when my dad died suddenly. I felt like I lost my whole world. I felt like I was walking through a fog those first few weeks. I expected him to be at the front door waiting for me when I got off the bus after school. He never was anymore. I would never hear his laugh again or smell his daddy smell. I would miss all the times we used to go fly remote-controlled planes and eat beef jerky and just talk about different things. I would miss shooting archery with him and watching movies. I can never get that back. What Family Lives On Foundation does for me is they send me an RC plane and jerky every year around my birthday. It’s almost like getting a birthday present from my dad again. They carry on the fun we had and one day I hope I can do the same thing with my kids. I want to have a tradition that they can hold on to. Grief never goes away. Sometimes it feels like it beats you up especially around Father’s Day and my dad’s birthday. It’s hard to see other kids having fun with their dads. But I have learned that we get stronger and the pain can lessen as the years go by. But it never goes away. I will always miss my dad but Family Lives On Foundation reminds me that even though my dad is not living, the things we loved most to do together are still here with me. I’m still living and I have that invisible thread to him through my tradition. I am grateful for all the volunteers and people who make this happen for so many kids every year.

Thank You.

— Wyatt, 13yrs old