Emily and Alexis – Hershey Park and the Nutcracker

Emily and Alexis lost their mother to Breast Cancer in 2003. Alexis chose to see the Nutcracker in Philadelphia as her tradition. Her mom and dad had begun going before she and her sister were born, and continued the tradition with their daughters. They would always go out to eat before enjoying the show. Family Lives On gave Alexis and her family tickets to the Nutcracker and gift cards for dinner. Emily chose to go to Hershey Park for her tradition. She remembered going   every year with her family. They would spend the weekend in Hershey, visiting the park as well as the museums and shops surrounding it. Family Lives On sent the family to the park and gave them gift cards for meals and passes to see the 3D movie in Chocolate World. By continuing with these traditions, the girls keep their mother’s memory alive.