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How are we connected to Family Lives On? 

I found FLO. And FLO found me. Here’s how it happened. by Stacey Grant

There are many ways in which I was drawn to this organization. Here are a few:

1. My beautiful, sweet friend, who died too soon:


My beautiful friend with her baby girl a few months before she died of colon cancer.

  • My dear friend was 37, and an amazing mother to 3 young children when she died.
  • She had 6 weeks to deal with the devestating knowledge that she might not see her children grow up.
  • She expressed to me that she was afraid that her 4 month old baby would not remember her.
  • Her death at such a young age was shocking and revealing to me .

2. My funny, healthy, young-at-heart Dad:

My dad with my youngest child, Sammie at a baseball game. He died in 2010 of Mesothelioma.

My dad with my youngest child, Sammie at a baseball game. He died in 2010 of Mesothelioma.

  • Blessed to have had him in my life until my later adult years, his death still haunts me.
  • I want to remember him with joy and celebrating an annual tradition would facilitate that.
  • His mother died when he was 13. What would’ve been different for him if FLO was part of his life every year, until he was 18?

3.  The positive influence of Family Lives On’s thoughtful, intelligent, forward-thinking Board of Directors.

There is a need.

There is a need.

  • I spoke to the President of the Board of Directors of Family Lives On, Jennifer Robinson and FLO’s co-founder Laura Munts when I was considering engaging with FLO.
  • Their vision- that the 2 million children who’s parents die in the United States could potentially have access to FLO services, helping them to grieve in a healthy way- inspired me.
  • They believed that my efforts through marketing and digital strategy could enhance FLO’s expansion nationwide.

4. Speaking with Bereaved Children:

The kids need light.

The kids need light.

  • In Volunteer training for FLO we spoke with a graduate of the program. She was so very thankful for FLO’s services.
  • I learned that children are surrounded by ‘walls of silence’ when a parent dies. It’s difficult learning how to speak with a child who’s parent has died. We worry about waves of emotion and discomfort. But there are healthy ways to remember and talk about it.
  • Family Lives On lets bereaved children grieve their parents in a way that fills them with joy sans the guilt.
  • Family Lives On Volunteers are compassionate, caring, straightforward, smart and just plain amazing people.

5. FLO’s Incredible Staff:

The Staff. (JJ - FLO's Business Manager with her 'unselfie'.)

The Staff. (JJ – FLO’s Business Manager with her ‘unselfie’.)

  • The Family Lives On Staff is an outstanding group of hardworking people who make me think and smile through tears every day.
  • I feel blessed to be in their prescence, talking about ‘real’ things and trying to make a difference for children daily.

And that is why I am here.

Stacey Grant, Marketing and Outreach Strategist

Stacey Grant
Marketing and Outreach Strategist
Family Lives On Foundation