Petty Family

This family lost their mother to breast cancer in 2009. All six of them have special memories with her.

Erik chose a family game night as his tradition. He remembered how the family’s favorite game was ‘Sorry!’ and how they loved eating chocolate chip cookies while they played together. He also recalled his mother challenging the boys to play video games and beating them all.

Aaron chose a family picnic at Fairmount Park for his tradition. He remembered his mother taking all of the kids to the park where they would eat seafood and more chocolate chip cookies, then play football and card games.

Quimeer and Nihjaya, chose a summer trip to Dorney Park to honor their mother’s memory. They remembered going to the park as a family every summer and their mom’s fear of roller coasters. She never rode them; only watched. They also recalled their mother’s love for ice cream. She always got vanilla!

Kahseem and Adaya, wanted to honor their mother’s memory with a family trip to the roller rink. They remembered how their mother never roller skated, but she loved watching her kids go round and round the rink until she was dizzy.

Family Lives On is honored to give these children the opportunity to bring their special memories of mom to life each year.