A High School Senior Asks for YOUR Help

Jenni and her mom

“All she wanted was to be was a good mom – J”

Dear Family Lives On,

I am a senior in high school and I have lost my mother at a young age. This inspired me to compile a book of reflections of teens like me showing that each day gets better and various ways of coping with this loss.

Could you help me by sharing this survey with your followers? Respondents can anonymously write a reflection of their experiences with the loss of a parent. Please complete the survey before October 31st, 2015.

If anyone would like more information, please email me at cms.student3877@gmail.comI can provide a few guiding questions to help them focus their response on the positive and the coping process in particular.

Please and thank you, J___

PARENTS OF CHILDREN UNDER AGE 18 – PLEASE READ Parent Consent Form for Student Project 

Your child is invited to take part in a senior graduation project being conducted by a CMS high school student who attends Levine Middle College High School. This is part of a process called “informed consent.” It will help you understand this project before deciding to allow your child to be in it.

Background Information: The project’s purpose is to gather the anonymous stories of teens who have lost a parent, to learn about ways they have coped with it. The stories would be published in a book to help other teens who are experiencing the same thing.

Procedure:  If you agree to allow your child to be in this project, please give them acciess to the survey link where your child will be asked to answer a few question prompts about his/her experiences.

Here are some examples of the prompts:

  • “Age, first name (optional), gender (optional)”
  • “How did you cope? What helped the most?”
  • “What have you learned?”
  • “How has it affected you emotionally?”

If you decide to consent to your child’s participation now, you or your child can still change your mind until October 31st, 2015.

Benefits of Being in the Project:  The project may benefit your child by giving your child a chance to use his or her experience to help other teens who have lost a parent. The project will benefit teens in the community who are having to cope with this same tremendous loss.

Privacy:  Any information your child provides will be kept confidential. Your child’s information will not be used for any purposes beyond the graduation project. The published responses will not include your child’s name or anything else that could identify your child in any way. Your child will not be asked to provide any personal or identifying information.

Payment:  There is no payment of any kind for participating in the project.

Contacts and Questions: You or your child may ask any questions you have by emailing cms.student3877@gmail.com.

Statement of Consent: I have read the above information. I feel I understand the project well enough to make a decision about my child’s participation in this graduation project. By giving my child the question prompts via survey to answer, I am providing my consent to my child’s participation in this project.

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