To the families of those who we have had the privilege to serve, thank you. Thank you for opening your vulnerable hearts to us. We hope that through the small acts of remembrance we have shared over the years may have helped to ease your burden and celebrate your loved ones.
You are not alone 🧡

Volunteers, Friends and Supporters of Family Lives On,

After 23 years of service in the fulfillment of over 1500 “Traditions” to the children of families impacted by the loss of a parent, I regret to inform you that Family Lives On will be shutting its doors effective March 1st, 2021.  It is with deep sadness that I share this information.  After great effort by the staff, volunteers and members of the Board of Directors the organization can no longer operate financially.

In our long and successful history, you have helped us support over 1500 families in their own special way as they honor the legacy and memory of their parent.  This is no small feat.  Please look back on the organization with pride and a sense of accomplishment knowing that so much good was done over such a long amount of time.

The pandemic has taken its toll on us on many levels and the not-for-profit charitable space is included in that.  The staff, volunteers and contributors have worked tirelessly to try to keep Family Lives On going but we feel that the organization can no longer perform at a level where we can provide “Traditions” or operate the organization.

As of March 1st, we will no longer be fulfilling traditions with the exception of March Traditions that are already promised. If you are a volunteer, please complete and submit any outstanding donation and expense reports for any traditions that you fulfilled before the end of February.

Thank you for your understanding,

Tony Costanzo
Chairman of the Board
Family Lives On